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Animal Exercise Fun is preventive medicine for a wide range of illness. Every family with young children should have a copy of this book. The Over-Weight and Obesity health crisis is a world-wide phenomena. While I believe EVERY CHILD should have a copy of this book, there is no doubt that every low-income, at-risk child MUST have a copy.

Free for Our Future

NPO, NGO, Faith and Government Ministries and Agencies around the world will be offered books for free distribution to children living in poverty. AnimalExerciseFun.ORG will work to match NPO distributors with donors and funding agencies to achieve this goal. SEE: ANIMALS FOR ALL

One for One Program

Our One for One program will be modeled after Toms Shoes. Once printing costs are reduced through bulk printing we will implement a One for One program that donates one copy of the book to children in need for every one sold. see Toms Shoes http://www.tomsshoes.com/

“Animals for All”: On-line and E-Book GiveAway

Upon approval, NPO, NGO, Faith and Government web sites will be offered the opportunity to include the On-line and E-book versions of “Animal Exercise Fun” on their sites. contact npo@animalexercisefun.org

A commercial sites policy will be devised as well.

Everyone, everywhere is offered a free e-book download. Contributions are accepted on a voluntary basis.

Please download a copy of the E-book to review.
click here Animal Exercise Fun E-Book.

Advisory Review Board

Join Our Advisory Review Board:

Is child development, fitness or health care your profession? Please add to the cross-disciplinary peer review.

My Audacious Dream:

Print and distribute copies of Animal Exercise Fun to all the low income, at-risk children in the world.


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