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Pitch Points

  1. As engaging as a story book of rhymes, animals from around the world come to life in the minds and bodies of young children through "Animal Exercise Fun."

  2. Movement concepts grounded in research and nature inspire full body/mind interaction and healthy flights of imagination.

  3. The fundamentals of exercise: breathing, stretching, aerobics, balance and relaxation are practiced in a joyful, playful context.

  4. Young bodies develop muscle memory, and healthy habits that last a lifetime. 

  5. Never boring, always fun, children love it.

  6. We are dedicated to profitable service, emphasizing preventive health promotion for children and families. 

  7. Health promotion pays. see: Projected R.O.I & Cost Benefit of Health Education


Animal Exercise Fun includes: Breathing, Stretching, Balancing, Aerobic, and Relaxation exercises based on the natural movements of animals from around the world. This program targets children ages three to seven.

This natural, easily comprehended format engages children and adds meaning to the exercise process. Exercise becomes acting. Mimicking animals is fun and the diversity of species provides for a dynamic and well rounded fitness routine.


Modern children lead an increasingly sedentary life. Many diseases found only in adults are exploding in the youth population. These include: diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety, and weak muscles and bones, all of which relate directly to the lack of a healthy lifestyle.

Children in poverty are especially at-risk. The problem is spreading around the world and effects millions of children. As these unhealthy children grow into unhealthy adults they will bankrupt an already strained healthcare infrastructure.         
see: Exercise & Health - see: Research

Urban and suburban children are detached from nature and not developing a sense of responsibility and empathy towards the environment.

GOOGLE SEARCH: children, obesity, disease, health care costs, exercise, crisis,


Early intervention in the form of health education is the most cost effective and results orientated prescription to the obesity epidemic. Animal Exercise Fun is a natural cure for what ails our children. Please help this project grow to serve the needs of our young people.


  1. Bullet Help turn the tide against the obesity crisis haunting children world wide

  2. Bullet Develop methods for FREE distribution to all young children

  3. Bullet Continue program development of additional volumes and video production

“Animals For All” Free for Our Future

Animals for All: NPO, NGO, Faith and Government Ministries and Agencies around the world will be offered books for free distribution to children living in poverty. AnimalExerciseFun.ORG will work to match NPO distributors with donors and funding agencies to achieve this goal.

Discounts for other purposes such as fundraising and special projects will also be offered.

My Audacious Dream:

Print and distribute copies of Animal Exercise Fun to the low income, at-risk children in the world.

see: Animals for All

About the Author

Mike Lee is an artist and creative writer who has dedicated his talents to the environment, childhood health, and education. He is the author of a two books for parents, teachers and children.

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