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I want every family with young children to have a copy of this e-book. You are free to download it and share it with your friends, but please support our goal of helping cure the obesity epidemic that is robbing our children of a healthy future.

You are free to contribute whatever you like to help this program grow.

The electronic (pdf) version of Kids Are Animals will download to your computer as the following file: Kids Are Animals E-Book.pdf.

If you really like it, you can buy a copy of the book and keep the e-book guilt-free.

We don’t want payment if you are:

  1. A Teacher

  2. Doing a book review

  3. Providing a professional assessment

  4. Purchased a hard copy through Amazon

  5. Low income or don’t want to help

Just click below on DOWNLOAD NOW.

If you want to help, use your secure Amazon.com or PayPal account to contribute.
Just click one of the buttons below. You can pay as little as $1.00.

Don’t have an Amazon or PayPal account? You can still download the file from the link below. If you like the book, please contribute what ever you like to:

Download Nowe-Book_Download_Animal_Exercise_Fun_files/Animal%20Exercise%20Fun%20E-Book.pdfe-Book_Download_Animal_Exercise_Fun_files/Animal%20Exercise%20Fun%20E-Book.pdfshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1


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