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While I believe EVERY CHILD should have a copy of this book,

there is no doubt that every low-income at-risk child MUST have a copy.

It just makes sense:

  1. 1.Children are suffering preventable diseases at an alarming rate.

  2. 2.Healthcare is an increasing financial drain on all sectors of society.

  3. 3.There is a huge Return on Investment (ROI) associated with health education that is lifelong, especially when you start young.

  4. 4.This program pays for itself over and over again.

“Animals for All”: On-line and e-Book GiveAway

Everyone, everywhere is offered a free e-book download. Contributions are accepted on a voluntary basis.

Upon approval, everyone will also be offered the opportunity to post the On-line and E-book versions of “AEF” on their web sites. A commercial sites policy will be devised as well. Please download a copy of the E-book to review.
click here Kids Are Animals E-Book.

Free for Our Future

NPO, NGO, Faith and Government Ministries and Agencies around the world will be offered books for free distribution to children living in poverty. AnimalExerciseFun.ORG will work to match NPO distributors with donors and funding agencies to achieve this goal.

Discounts for other purposes such as fundraising and special projects will also be offered.

One for One Program

Our One for One program will be modeled after Toms Shoes. Once printing costs are reduced through bulk printing we will implement a One for One program that donates one copy of the book to children in need for everyone one sold. see Toms Shoes http://www.tomsshoes.com/

My Dream:

Print and distribute copies of Kids Are Animals to the low income, at-risk children in the world.

Potential Social/Medical Benefits of this program in United States

Healthcare needs and costs impact: quality of life, business productivity, family finances, and government programs for the poor and elderly.

Wellness programs have a proven Return On Investment (ROI). They are especially effective when practiced at a young age. These programs are standard operating procedure at hundreds of large corporations.

The ROI for “Kids Are Animals” is an estimate that includes only two returns in the form of one less trip to the doctor at $50 and avoiding one missed day of work by a parent saving $100. I feel the ripple effect of healthy family lifestyle choices through the economy makes these more than reasonable estimates. I believe the 10 to 1 return is a realistic figure.

See Cost Benefit of Health Education

*1. National average cost for doctor’s office visit: $60. National average cost for emergency room visit: $383; Source: New England Journal of Medicine

*2. The average American working parent misses nine days of work per year (Carillo, 2004).  As children move through daycare and into elementary school, the number of days missed increases to thirteen.

Educational Outreach

There are over 600,000 Preschool and kindergarten teachers in the United States. Learning through play is an integral part of the curriculum. “Kids Are Animals” is ideally suited for the playground, and easily adapted to the classroom.  see Educational Program Development


Branded publication rights for fundraising will also be available at a minimal cost. 


We encourage service organizations to seek out corporations and organizations wishing to fund the “Animals for All” program. 


We will establish support for “Animals for All” through federal, state and private grants.


If you want to participate in the Animals for All program, please download a copy of the book to review.
click here Kids Are Animals

Then, if you want to participate as a distributor, contact us with:

  1. 1.An estimate of the number of print or e-Book titles you want to distribute.

  2. 2.A list of the populations and areas served.

  3. 3.A brief comment on the program.

Contact: Email this information to AnimalsForAll.

Become a Sponsor

If you want to participate as a Sponsor, contact us with:

  1. 1.An estimate of the what level of support you will offer.

  2. 2.Where in the world you would like your donation spent and with what agency.

  3. 3.What inscription you want on the inside and back cover (sponsors, agencies)

Contact: Email this information to AnimalsForAll.

Join Our Advisory Review Board

Is child health, fitness and development your passion? Please add to our Cross-disciplinary peer review. more info . . .

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