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Business Vision and Purpose

Grow a long term sustainable product line that combines market/design savvy with issue advocacy and service as guiding business principles. Follow a Service Capitalism model that uses Social Marketing to support a change in societal values towards health and exercise among children and families. 

Modeled after "disruptive technologies" ultimately the product becomes free to in-need end users in all formats seeking market saturation.

The Product

Kids Are Animals teaches: Breathing, Stretching, Balancing, Aerobic, and Relaxation exercises based on the natural movements of animals from around the world. This program targets children ages three to seven, but can be enjoyed by all ages.

Volume One of a multi-volume series is market ready. This program has extensive multi-media potential. See our Green Policy Page

The Triple Bottom Line of “Kids Are Animals”

"Kids Are Animals" provides a variety of triple bottom line returns with potential global impact. Economic benefits are derived through the "wellness effect" reducing healthcare costs for families, businesses, and insurers both private and governmental. Figuring only a reduction in absenteeism by working parents, and I estimate a tangible return on investment vastly multiplying the under $1 per unit cost. 

The many Social benefits of the program include: instilling health consciousness and behaviors when most effective and easily retained during early childhood, encouraging family/intergenerational play, and reinforcing healthy community values. Also, my social enterprise/service capitalism "Profit for Non-profits" business plan is designed to achieve a Googlenomics distribution, free to needy end user, model. Networked development and profit sharing among individuals, businesses and organizations will serve everyone's long term best interests.

From an environmental perspective, children and parents will develop a connection, appreciation and hopefully empathy for animals and the earth. Environmental empathy is something studies show can be lost in an urban setting. A green design, production, and distribution plan is ready to implement. 

Best of all "Kids Are Animals" works. Informal testing with children: individually, in groups, by teachers and parents, with various needs and challenges has shown excellent results.

The challenge is to achieve mass distribution and become a positive force for childhood health. This has begun through the free online and e-book editions offered on my web site. An APP is in design phase. 

The Need

Modern children lead an increasingly sedentary life. As a result, many diseases found only in adults are exploding in the youth population. These include: diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety, and weak muscles and bones, all of which relate directly to the lack of a healthy lifestyle.

Children in poverty are especially at-risk. The problem is spreading around the world and affects millions of children. As these unhealthy children grow into unhealthy adults they will bankrupt an already strained healthcare infrastructure.          see Childhood Health

In the United States alone . . .

There are 25.8 million children between the ages of 3 and 8. Of these:

  1. over 3 million or 12% are obese.

  2. 5.6 million or 22% of young children live below the poverty level.

  3. Obesity in children age 6 to 10 runs as high as 17% according to the CDC.

  4. Obesity rates climb to 33% among adults!

Objectives/The Solution


  1. Enable mass distribution of Kids Are Animals through every appropriate channel.

  2. Ensure long term financial and developmental growth.

  3. Provide free to in-need end user whenever possible.

  4. Support related NPO’s through product sales, give-away and profit sharing.

Early intervention in the form of health education is the most cost effective and results orientated prescription to these problems.

No less than the White House Office of Management and Budget has identified healthcare as the most important issue facing our country's economy. Preventive health programs such as “Kids Are Animals” are key to lowering health cost potentially by as much as 75%. 

Kids Are Animals is a natural cure for what ails our children. Please help this project grow to serve the needs of our young people.

While I believe EVERY CHILD should have a copy of this book, there is no doubt that every low-income, at-risk child must have a copy.

Business Development Tree


All I can really promise is that I will never quit working to further this programs success. With one caveat, I understand business, but I’m not a business person. Obviously, I need help for the program to realize its full potential.


   Project Summary

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