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Every family with young children in your organization
should have a copy of this book.

It just makes sense:

  1. 1.Children are suffering preventable diseases at an alarming rate.

  2. 2.Healthcare is an increasing financial drain on all sectors of society.

  3. 3.There is a huge Return on Investment (ROI) associated with health education that is lifelong, especially when you start young.

  4. 4.“Kids Are Animals” offers you a positive employee PR benefit.

The productivity of parents of young children is effected by the wellness of the entire family. A family involved in wellness is an asset to your company and society.

Kids Are Animals in Your Wellness Program


Your employees participating in healthy play with their children, strengthening family ties, and increasing your company’s productivity at the same time reducing health insurance costs.  

Goals and Objectives

  1. Distribute “Kids Are Animals” through existing corporate wellness programs.

  2. Enhance the health of children.

  3. Increase employee moral and productivity.

  4. Reduce insurance costs, and absenteeism at school and the workplace.

Impact Timelines

Short term results:

  1. Improve family relations through increased quality parent/child time.

  2. Receive positive PR with employees, insurers, and the general public.

  3. Increase family wellness knowledge and experience.

Long term impacts:

  1. Reduce insurance costs.

  2. Reduced absenteeism at school and the workplace.

  3. Improve family relations through increased quality parent/child time.

  4. Increased family health and fitness

  5. Reduced absenteeism due to illness of child

  6. Increased employee moral, you care about family health.

  7. Healthy children

Printing and fulfillment will take three to four weeks from the time of ordering.

Roles and Responsibilities

The program is designed to be self-managed by employees and eventually by children themselves, although this does not preclude outreach such as:

  1. Additional content on an interactive web site

  2. Employee workshops

  3. Outreach materials: surveys, health tips, play resources

  4. Presentations at company picnics, etc.

Itemized Budget

See R.O.I. below for basic program costs. This includes bulk shipping directly to multiple business locations for self distribution. The books can also be drop shipped directly to an employee address list or to wellness plan managers. At $2.50 per employee, even without an outstanding R.O.I. potential, the PR value itself is worth it. “Kids Are Animals” says, “We care about our employee’s children.”

Marketing Strategies

“Kids Are Animals” sells itself the first time children loose their imaginations to this active play. It is simultaneously: easy to follow, healthy, challenging and most of all fun.

The rock bottom low cost and simple employee self-management make it an easy sell. Handed out at work, the employee has has a gift to give his or her child.

Evaluation Process

A simple program evaluation form will be made available so you can get direct feedback through program impressions, use and benefits. This will eventually be integrated into an online feedback linked to additional online content and succeeding volumes of the program.

Return on Investment (R.O.I.)

Potential Bottom Line Benefits of this program for Corporate Wellness

Healthcare needs and costs impact: insurance premiums, quality of life, employee productivity, family finances, and business success.

This ROI for “Kids Are Animals” is an estimate that includes only two returns in the form of one less trip to the doctor at $50 and avoiding one missed day of work by a parent saving $100. I feel the ripple effect of healthy family lifestyle choices in the home and workplace makes these more than reasonable estimates. I believe the 10 to 1 return is a realistic figure and may be much higher.

While the health impact of obesity is the most obvious risk factor we address, many others including: accident prevention, immune function increase, stress reduction, etc. can also be added to the ROI data.

Additional soft costs include: staff time for identifying qualifying employees, in-house distribution, and follow-up/promotional activities.

*1. National average cost for doctor’s office visit: $60. National average cost for emergency room visit: $383. Source: New England Journal of Medicine

*2. The average American working parent misses nine days of work per year (Carillo, 2004).  As children move through daycare and into elementary school, the number of days missed increases to thirteen.

Over three-quarters of women who have school-age children are employed. Sixty-five percent of mothers with children under the age of six are in the workforce.

Ensuring Program ROI

  1. The program distributes one free copy of “Kids Are Animals” to families of children between the ages of three and seven, and daycare facilities.

  2. The book is designed to encourage physical fitness by making it a fun, play-time activity.

  3. It can be used in the classroom, care facilities and in the home.

  4. It will be managed and distributed by NPOs through existing channels.

  5. It is a comprehensive exercise manual for young children, their parents and teachers.

  6. There are over four million children in poverty and need.

  7. This is an ongoing program designed to have followup volumes and fit into existing outreach programs.

  8. An interactive assessment and additional content will be made available on the animalexercisefun.org website where program satisfaction and use statistics will be gathered and evaluated.

  9. Health education is integrated into the content and included in parent/teacher guides.

  10. Active play encodes healthy behavior into the child’s life.

  11. Considering the positive health related benefits of physical activity, the minimal cost of the program and the high costs of healthcare I feel confident projecting a ROI of 10 to 1.

  12. Factors leading to success.

  13. Awareness of the issues: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, healthcare costs, issues of poverty, and the need for exercise by all people is obvious to everyone and is well publicized. PR campaign

  14. Mass distribution is the best way to accomplish our goals for society.

  15. Comprehensive guides train adult users.

  16. AEF improves everyone’s attitude towards exercise. It is fun play.

  17. Behavior changes are encourages as part of the imaginary play. Imaginary play is one of the most enjoyable childhood activities and occurs spontaneously. Movement is incorporated into the child’s day becoming healthy habits.

  18. Program success is multiplied by the low cost per unit of the program.

  19. Program utilization will be ensured through followup editions, website incentives, ongoing PR and program development, hopefully on public television.

  20. Mass distribution through existing channels will reduce program costs.

  21. Distribution to schools, daycare facilities and directly to teachers to further reinforce the habit.

E-Book GiveAway

Additionally, everyone is offered a free e-book download.

Please download a copy of the book to review.
click here
Kids Are Animals E-Book.pdf.

Web Site Resources

Additional resources can be provided for the wellness section of your corporate web site.

Branded Editions

Employer branding will also be available at an additional cost. 


Corporate sponsorship may be available for organizations wishing to fund the Animals for All” program. 

Become a Sponsor

If you want to participate as a Sponsor, contact us with:

  1. 1.An estimate of the what level of support you will offer.

  2. 2.Where in the world you would like your donation spent and with what agency.

  3. 3.What inscription you want on the inside and back cover (sponsors, agencies)

Contact: Email this information to AnimalsForAll.

Join Our Advisory Review Board

Is child health, fitness and development your passion? Please add to our Cross-disciplinary peer review. more info . . .


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